DOH warns the public against 6 diseases in summer

As Filipinos start to enjoy summer, the Department of Health warned against the “6S” which have a tendency to be frequent amid these months.

The 6S of summer diseases are sore eyes, sipon at ubo (cough and colds), skin diseases, sakmal ng aso (dog bite), sunburn and stomach ailments.



“The public is cautioned as well against other emerging summer diseases including sore eyes, sipon at ubo, sakit sa balat and sakmal ng aso,” said DOH Secretary Paulyn Jean Ubial.

Ubial issued the reminder on Friday in a press briefing on health tips to evade the summer illnesses.

Last Wednesday (April 5), the weather bureau has formally reported the begin of the summer season.

Ubial reminded the public to avoid exposure to the sun between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. as these are the hours with the highest temperatures amid the dry season.

“The condition of people with hypertension can be aggravated by severe heat and too much sun exposure,” she said.

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The health secretary also focused on the significance of drinking enough water in a day, which is eight to 12 glasses of water apart from other fluids.

“It’s very important to hydrate. Drink clean water even if you are not thirsty, and that’s outside of other fluids,” Ubial said.

Proper and frequent handwashing should be observed to avoid sore eyes or conjunctivitis, a condition which may lead to visual impairment.

Cough, colds and flu also easily spread amid the summer, which is the reason the DOH reminded the elderly to get their flu vaccine shots before the onset of the flu season in June.

Ubial likewise noticed the spread of skin diseases, such as boils in areas where water supply is rare and people can’t wash up frequently.

She cautioned against swimming in dirty water or unmaintained open swimming pools.


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